scales and related activities either for its own use or for sale in India or for export outside India for or on behalf of manufacturers, owners and users of computer systems and digital / electronic equipment in India or elsewhere in the world.         

             As an R&D oriented company we continually strive to challenge ourselves in new and different areas related to Software Embedding in a professional, open and honest manner. Microcontroller based allied products. To carry on the business of sale, supply, marketing, trading, export, import of software and electronic devices with or without embedded software.

             We establish, provide, perform all types of solutions relating to system Design & development, design and development of electronic devices and software, systems engineering, software implementation, related technical and consultancy services to all industry verticals under government or otherwise.

             We provide design, develop and/ or market systems and applications software, software automation, software implementation, online programs, web based applications, comprehensive enterprise solutions, multimedia development of all